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Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine
  • Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine

Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine

Product description:
The Moringa Leaves Dryer machine is the ideal drying equipment for drying herbaceous plants. The dryer machine are used for drying the high moisture material to a suitable moisture, so that the material can be reached a high efficient use value.

We are offering Moringa Leaves Dryer Machine to our clients.

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The dried moringa leaves has a high medicinal value for extracting nutritional ingredient therein. About 16.2 mg of vitamin E per 100 g of dried leaves. So the dryer machine as pretreatment machine for the moringa leaves processing line, it is a very important role.

moringa leavesmoringa leaves

The components of moringa leaves drying machine:

Stainless Steel Feeding conveyor( Feeding fresh leaves Fresh to the dryer machine)

Discharge conveyor (Used to transport dried materials)

Drying host ( material enter into the dryer host, finish the drying process in the drying chamber)

Hot air blower fan (Provide sufficient air volume to the dryer, the dryer not only according to heat to dry material, but also takes enough air volume to improve the drying efficiency.)

Heat exchange furnace ( providing heat for drying machine,the cold air and hot air make exchange,finally the suitable drying temperature enter into the dryer absorb by fan)

Control panel (control the dryer running speed and drying temperature.)

Heat resource: the fuel can use wood, biomass,gas,diesel,propane,steam,electricity,etc, we will provide the corresponding heating system.

Moringa Leaves Dryer connection diagram

The working principle of stevia drying machine:

  1. The fresh material is transported by the feeding conveyor to the inside of the dryer. 2.The material passes from the first layer to the last layer via the conveyor belt, and the dried material is conveyed by the discharge conveyor.
  2. The moringa leaves drying machine is using hot air as the drying medium. The hot air passes through the material from the bottom to top. The final moisture discharge from the top of the hemp dryer.
  3. The dried leaves discharge by the discharge conveyor.

Unique feature:

  1. High drying efficiency. The drying machine not only rely on heat to dry, but also through the strong air, improve the drying efficiency and reduce the drying time.
  2. Large capacity: continuous feeding and discharging material.
  3. Save cost, easy to operation. 1-2 workers is ok.
Model(Width*Length) GX1.5-6-4 GX2-8-4 GX2-9-4 GX2-10-4 GX2-12-4
Layers 4
Drying area(㎡) 29 45 51 57 69
Spread thickness of material(mm) 50-200
Working temperature(℃) 0-120
Drying time(hour) 0.1-5
heat exchange furnace(M) 3.2*1*2.7 3.9*1.26*3 3.9*1.26*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3
Induced draft fan(kw) 11 15 15 22 22
Exhaust fan(kw) 1.5 2.2
Feeding conveyor(kw)     1.5             2.2     2.2     2.2      3
Discharge conveyor(kw) 0.55
Total power(kw) 14.55 19.25 19.95 26.95 27.75
LP gas consumption (90 degree fanrenheit) 20m³/H 25m³/H 28m³/H 30m³/H 36m³/h
Electricity consumption 25kwh 30kwh 35kwh 40kwh 45kwh
Place requirement (W*L*H)M 4.5*14*2.7 5*19*2.8 4.5*20*2.8 5.5*21*2.8 5.5*23*2.8

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