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Charcoal briquette line

Product description:
The raw material can be used wood chips,wood log,wood sawdust,wood wast,grass,straw,corn straw,wheat straw,corn con,rice husk and so on. 1.Carbonization stove2.Charcoal crusher machine3.Double shaft mixer machine.4.Mixer machine5.Shisha charcoal making m

We are offering Charcoal briquette line to our clients.

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Brief Introduction
Whole lines to make charcoal:

1.Carbonization stove: Making material(sawdust, wood chips, bamboo chips, coconut shell chips, peanut shell etc) into charcoal by carbonization stove.
2. Charcoal crusher machine: Crushing charcoal into charcoal powder(the size less than 2mm)
3.Double shaft mixer machine:Mixing charcoal powder with binder.
4. Mixer machine :Press the charcoal powder into high density,it will be easy to make briquette.
5.Shisha charcoal making machine:Making different shape of charcoal as customer required (round type, square type etc.)
6.Drying machine: Using hot air reduce the moisture to 10-12%.
7.Packing system: Pack different size according to customer required and sell to the market.

Charcoal Briquette Usage:

According to different usage,we can suitable machine can process different size of charcoal briquette.
 it has high efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection.
2,The final briquettes are easy to transport and store.
Shisha charcoal briquette: Round type(diameter:30mm,33mm etc) and square type(25X25X25mm etc.)
BBQ charcoal briquette: Pillow shape,hexagon type etc.
Fuel charcoal briquette: The size is customized.

Technical parameters:can be customized

Model GXP1(Hydraulic pressure) GXP-2(hydraulic pressure)
Materials charcoal powders, coal powders, sawdust, any powders form Materials
Capacity 500-1000kg/h, depends on your materials and size of briquette 200-300kg/h, depends on your materials and size of briquette
Motor 15 kw 15kw
Height of briquettes within 80mm, diameter is adjustable,
briquette can has hole
20,25,30 33 35 38 40 mm(round);
20-30 mm(cubic), tablets
Feeding materials < 1 mm < 1 mm
Briquettes shape Hexagonal shape and cylinder shape or as customers’ request Round shape and Cubic shape
Or as customers’ request
Pressure 120tons 60tons
Overall size 3200*1200*2650mm(includes conveyor) 3500*2000*1800mm(includes conveyor)

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