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Why can Guoxin Intelligent Morchella dryer quickly lead the market


Morchella has rich nutritional value and is in short supply in domestic and foreign markets. With high water content, Morchella has very strict requirements on temperature and humidity in the drying process.The drying method is mainly sun-drying or drying, but the sun-drying cycle is long, the weather and temperature and humidity are not easy to control.At this time, many growers will choose intelligent morchella dryer for drying.

Morchella dryermorchella dryer machinemorchella dryer machine

Intelligent morchella dryer is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection equipment, with electricity as the heat source, the equipment has a high degree of automation when working.When the drying process is set, the equipment will work on its own, without special care, saving labor costs and reducing drying costs.

Morchella dryerMorchella dryer

The morchella dryer machine can dry all kinds of fungus products, such as mushrooms, fungus, matsutake, etc.