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Customer Orders Industrial Pepper Dryer,Pepper Drying Plan Ahead Of Schedule


The customer is a processors, planting hundreds of acres of industrial hot pepper, after telephone counseling, according to the customer's concerns and drying yield, we recommend the mesh belt dryer for customers, mainly used for large quantities of industrial hot pepper, continuous drying, internal adopts multi-layer cycle reverse structure, has the processing production is big, high efficiency, good drying quality characteristics.

pepper dryerpepper drying machine

To achieve uniform pepper drying, drying technical requirement is very strict, from the temperature, time, air flow, equipment running speed, etc., which can adjust the collocation, keep every parameter in a reasonable scope, and thus achieve industrial hot pepper quality drying processing, so the price will be increased, let you have more advantages in the market for pepper drying.
Mesh belt dryer is mainly composed of heat exchange furnace, feeding conveyor, host, discharging conveyor, control cabinet, fan, transmission part, etc.
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