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Guoxin gentian dryer,Solve the traditional way of drying


Guoxin  gentian dryer with high automation, fast drying speed, high production efficiency,it can continue to gentian uninterrupted drying treatment, model size from six meters to nineteen meters long,a day drying output from a few tons to dozens of tons between.We canalso customize multi-layer net belt type gentian dryer according to customer production requirements, and the drying output can reach nearly 100 tons.

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Features of this gentian dryer: labor, large quantities of 24 hours continuous drying processing;
2.through the electric control cabinet control temperature, network belt running speed and other parameters, simple and convenient operation;
3.Clean and hygienic. Food material is used for the part of the inside of the dryer thatcontacts with gentian;
4.There are many choices of heat source (combustion type, steam type, air energy heatpump, etc.);
5.The drying operation is stable and the drying is uniform.