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The Successful Project Of Pasture Drying


Recently, the project in Zhanjiang,Guangdong is successfully completed. Now the pasture drying equipment which tall 12-meters and 4-lays is running smoothly, win a high praise from the local customers.

pasture plantpasture drying machinepasture drying machinepasture drying machine

From the above picture can be seen, the mesh belt pasture dryer running smoothly, a high degree of automation, forage drying effect and yield can be achieved the customer’s production requirements. In the customer's grass planting base, Wong bamboo grass is growing abundantly, after processing, it can improve the storage and utilization, and also can be easy to transport and feeding.

The pasture drying machine made by Guoxin can choose different forms of the furnace according to the different fuels such as coal, fuel, gas, etc. Use the hot air generated by the heat exchange furnace as the drying medium. The hot air exchange from the furnace is pure, that it can keep the materials clean with no pollution. The pasture drying machine complete the pasture moisture from 65-75% dried to 14-18% quickly. High drying speed, less loss of nutrients, especially to reduce the loss of carotene.

During the drying process, the hot air volume, the mesh belt running speed, drying room temperature and other conditions can be adjusted through the electronic control system to ensure continuous production, automated operation, in order to achieve continuous pasture drying.