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Big market for India incense drying(Heat pump dryer)


Although the incense is simple in the production process, but the market demand is more bigger, the traditional way of the incense has not been able to meet people's increasing demand.

The traditional way: by occupies large areas of land, build the arbor, and then put the incense on the arbor, or a little waste heat from the sun to dry, if in case of rainy day, fragrance will be moldy, affected the colour,even many vendors to stop the production of incense.

In the uncontrollable environmental conditions, the economic development of the manufacturers has caused a lot of obstacles.

Therefore, it is necessary to produce a lot of incense and lead to a new generation of baking technology.

India incense dryingIndia incense dryingIndia incense drying

The traditional sun drying and drying can not bring good benefit to it, the heat pump dryer use the air energy principle to dry, not only can ensure the fragrance of incense, but also energy conservation and environmental protection.

Along with the continuous development of science and technology, constantly upgrading the drier, conveniently listed incense dryers, the main characteristic: the energy conservation and environmental protection, easy to operate, high degree of intelligent control, sealing dry, convenient installation, small occupied area, close to the natural drying,when you master drying technology, even more outstanding than natural drying quality.