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Have you arranged your chili dryer machine for the chili harvest season


With the increasing production of chilies,chili dryer equipment is also more and more welcomed by the growers,fully automated processing,saving a lot of labor and drying costs.
Next,Guoxin machinery will introduce the chili dryer machine in detail.

chili dryer machinechili dryer machinechili dryer machine

Chili dryer machine is a multi-layer continuous mesh belt drying structure,can continue to chili uninterrupted drying processing.The chili is sent into the box of the main engine through the feeding conveyor,and the chili is moved in the "S" type in the drying machine. At the same time,the induced draft fan sends the hot air to the dryer,and the hot air is fully in contact with the chili from the bottom to the top to achieve the purpose of drying the chili.It is a kind of large general chili drying and processing machine with large yield and high production efficiency.

chili dryer machinechili dryer machine

What is the daily capacity of fresh chili drying machine?In the process of drying chili, different equipment materials,heat source types will have a very large impact on the output of chili dryer machine.
The chili dryer produced by Guoxin mechanical drying factory has the length from 6 meters to 20 meters, and the number of layers is generally 4-6 layers.The daily drying output is between several tons and dozens of tons,we can choose reasonably according to our actual drying needs.